Lent Calendar

Fast, pray, and give with us this Lenten season! Our digital Lent calendar shows every day of Lent and Holy Week but doesn’t let you “open” each day and find out what’s behind the picture until that day comes along. Each link will lead you to a special new Lent-themed Daily Jolt and Microchallenge!


InstaLent Photo Challenge

Embark on a Lenten journey with us through our InstaLent photo challenge. Click here for more details and a complete listing of our Lent photo-a-day ideas. From Ash Wednesday through Easter, post an Instagram photo that will help you contemplate the themes of Lent and prepare for Christ’s Passion and resurrection.


Watch: Lent in Three Minutes

Wondering what Ash Wednesday is all about or why we don’t eat meat on Fridays? Check out this three-minute video that explains the significance of this season of prayer, fasting, and giving, and how you can make the most of this time of repentance and renewal.


25 Great Things to Do for Lent

Giving up sweets isn’t your only option for a meaningful Lent experience — reading Scripture, unplugging from technology, and finding some quiet time for Adoration are all valuable ways to grow closer to Christ. Lent should be a time to reflect and grow in our relationship with the Lord, and we’ve compiled a list of 25 ideas for you to do just that.


Virtual Stations of the Cross

Busted Halo has created a series of virtual Stations of the Cross designed for personal devotion. These stations relate to Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom of God and the reason his vision of this Kingdom led to his death. Find a quiet place to watch these stations, and be open to how God is speaking to you.


Busted Halo’s Guide to Confession

Busted Halo has put together a Guide to Confession, which explains the Sacrament’s steps so you know what to expect. If it puts you at ease, feel free to print this guide and bring it with you to the confessional!</P


Go Into the Desert This Lent

Looking for a way to “do” Lent a little differently this year? We’re inviting you into the desert: a quiet place with less of us and more of God. The desert offers solitude as well as temptation. And it means something a little different to everyone. Watch this short, meditative video.


Lectio Divina: A Beginner’s Guide

Lectio Divina (literally divine reading) is a way of becoming immersed in the Scriptures very personally. Here’s how to get started.


Why Do We Give Something Up for Lent?

Giving up something for Lent sometimes evokes head-scratching in non-Catholics, but what might seem like just another Catholic eccentricity can actually be a practice with deep spiritual significance.


Curate Your Own Lent Movie Marathon

Looking for some spiritual cinema? Check out our a list of must-see Catholic films that you can build your own Lenten movie marathon around.