Stephen Colbert’s Top 12 Catholicest Moments

Colbert brings his show to a close this week, so we're taking a look back at his more Catholic moments as we prepare to say goodbye.

Stephen Colbert is not just America’s most famous Catholic (and self-proclaimed most famous Catholic), but in the past he’s also been named top choice for the papacy; he’s frequently sat down for conversations with America’s other top Catholic, Cardinal Dolan; and he’s never shied away from talking about his faith on the air. As you probably know, this host of The Colbert Report for the past nine years is bringing his show to a close this week before he heads off to take over The Late Show for David Letterman next year. We’re going to miss him, but before he goes we thought we’d take a look back at the more Catholic moments of his legacy as we say goodbye (for now) to our favorite celebrity Catholic.

#12: Stephen Sings and Dances “The King of Glory”

#11: Stephen Recites the Nicene Creed to His Audience (2/27/2006)

#10: Stephen Takes Offense at the Altered Wording in the Catholic Mass (11/29/2011)

#9: Stephen Attacks, while Fr. James Martin, SJ Defends, Social Justice (3/18/2010)

#8: Stephen Discusses Pope Benedict’s Papal Resignation (2/11/2013)
(Watch the 2nd video following this one to see Fr. Jim Martin, SJ make Colbert laugh.)

#7: Stephen Examines Pope Francis’ Secret Life as a Superhero (12/3/2013)

#6: Stephen Has Cardinal Dolan as a Guest (9/3/2013)

#5: Stephen is Sad That Atheists Can Also Go To Heaven (5/23/2013)

#4: Stephen Talks About the Vatican’s Crackdown on American Nuns (6/11/2012)
(When the Holy See came down on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, it wasn’t long before Colbert did too. Make sure to stay tuned and watch the videos playing after this one as Stephen proceeds to have Sr. Simone Campbell to discuss the issue, followed by actor Martin Sheen discussing his Catholic faith, making for a very big Catholic-themed episode.)

#3: “I teach Sunday School Mother#^@%*&!” (2/11/2008)

#2: Stephen Gives Up Being Catholic For Lent (3/9/2011)

#1: Catholic Trivia Throwdown With Jack White (6/23/2011)
(If this doesn’t prove Colbert is a great big, Catholic nerd than nothing will. Here, he goes head-to-head with Jack White, each trying to stump the other via Catholic trivia. NSFW — language.)