3 Recipes for Prayer

It’s easy to get caught up in the preparation for Thanksgiving dinner, but let’s not forget the spiritual side to this important day for giving thanks. This year, add prayer to your Thanksgiving prep routine.

Ingredients: protein of your choice, seasonings, and a grateful heartDirections: Whether you’re thawing a turkey or cooking Tofurky, think about the source of your Thanksgiving meal. The foods you eat come from the ground or were probably nourished by it in some way. In turn, these foods nourish us and play the star role in our Thanksgiving feasts. Say a prayer of gratitude for God’s creation and remember how much the land has given to you. And while the main course is roasting in the oven, take a short walk outside and look around at the wonder and beauty of nature.

Ingredients: potatoes, cranberries, assorted root vegetables, and French fried onions for the green bean casseroleDirections: As you slice and dice vegetables and get out the ingredients for other side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner, think about the journey your food has taken to get here. Pause to thank God for the farmers and farm workers who helped bring these foods to your table. Remember the grocery store clerks and the people working behind the deli counter,
too. You grew some of these ingredients
yourself? Impressive!

Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, stationery, greeting cards, penDirections: As your pumpkin or pecan or apple pie (or all three) is baking in the oven, get out some cards or stationery and write thank you notes to at least five people you are grateful for. Are you having people over for dinner? You could also write short notes to your guests. Bottom line — connect with others. Finish your time of Thanksgiving preparation by saying a prayer for those who will not be so fortunate as to enjoy a feast or warm home this year.