4 Ways to Pray Outdoors

The weather’s great. The sun is calling. So, get moving and enjoy summer with these tips for praying outdoors.

#1 Thoreau style

Find solitude deep in the woods, near a pond, or beside a babbling brook and immerse yourself in the beauty of God’s creation. Rain or shine, breathe deeply and speak earnestly. Warning: Kneeling in a mound of fire ants is not recommended.

#2 Al fresco style

You’re dining with friends on a fancy outdoor patio. Craft beer has been served in mason jars. Your grass-fed organic cheeseburger slider on a brioche bun sits in front of you. The air is crisp. The moon is full. You’re about to dip a farm-to-table sweet potato French fry into the house-made ketchup. Then you remember: GRACE. Tip: You can say it to yourself or invite others to join you. You might be surprised with how open your friends are to a quick blessing before tofu croutons and squid ink pasta.

#3 Marathon style

Whether it’s 26.2 miles or just walking your dog around the block, fill that time outdoors with prayer. Spiritual fitness and physical fitness go hand in hand and can be beneficial in helping you successfully arrive at your destinations. Pray for someone new with each new mile or every time you take a turn. Tip: Stay hydrated and remember all water is holy.

#4 Beach style

Whether it’s a sunrise or sunset, rocky or sandy — the beach is a powerful reminder of God’s infinite majesty. Between a boardwalk stroll and sandcastle construction, walk down to the shore and let God wash your feet with each breaking wave. Close your eyes and breathe in God. Then breathe out whatever prayer feels right — releasing your words, silent or not, into the water like a message in a bottle. Warning: Seagulls may not know you’re praying. Like in church, cover your head accordingly. 

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