As everything has been rewritten by modern men, how can we put faith in the Bible?

The assumption that everything in the Bible has been “rewritten” by modern men is incorrect. The Bible has been translated innumerable times since the last book of it was penned 1,900 years ago, but it has not been “rewritten.” The common English translations we use now — for example, the New American Bible – have been translated directly from the original Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) texts. They have not been corrupted like a phrase in the game of “telephone” in which the original message is distorted by many participants consecutively. In fact, when we compare the content of today’s Bibles with the most ancient copies in existence, they are remarkably consistent. Certainly every translation (in all of literature, not just the Bible) is an “interpretation,” but mainline published Bibles are now translated by groups of linguistic and biblical scholars who provide checks and counter-checks to retain as much fidelity as humanly possible to the original texts.

Ann Naffziger

Ann Naffziger is a scripture instructor and spiritual director in the San Francisco Bay area. She has has written articles on spirituality and theology for various national magazines and edited several books on the Hebrew Scriptures.