Does the calling into priesthood cause you great suffering and depression and resentment towards God?

Not at all. St. Ignatius taught that in order to serve God we are to follow our deepest truest desires. God will place in our hearts and minds the desire to do what will best serve God and others. Parents often find such desires to serve their children welling up from the depths of their own hearts. Priests too find the desire to preach, celebrate sacraments, and serve the people of God welling up in our prayer. A priest’s relationship with Jesus is central and often cause for great joy, despite challenges. Married couples too find joy amidst the challenges. Single people receive the graces they need for their state in life.

Too many people have the deeply mistaken impression that priests are unhappy. Actually research shows the opposite. Check out Steve Rosetti’s “Why Priests are Happy: A Study of the Psychological and Spiritual health of Priests.”