Outdoor Weddings Come to Archdiocese of Baltimore

Father Dave discusses the recent announcement from the Archdiocese of Baltimore that will allow weddings to be held outside. He explains the mindset behind this decision, and how it may be a way to evangelize. Original Air 6-13-18

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What Translation of the Bible Should I Be Reading?

What translation of the Bible should I be reading? There are a lot to choose from — which one is the best?

If you want to sit down specifically to pray and meditate on scripture, I recommend you use whatever translation you have on hand that is familiar, comforting, and appealing to you. If you love…

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What Happens When a Church Closes?

Father John Maria Devaney joins Father Dave to help answer questions of faith like this one: What happens to the church building when it is no longer being used as a church? Father John and Father Dave describe the process of a building losing its church status and some of the ways former churches are being used today. (Original Air 05-01-17)

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