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It’s Not About Your Resume

Thursday of the Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave explains that it doesn’t matter what we have on our resumes; we should desire to be known by our virtues. He discusses today’s reading in which Saint Paul boasts in his identity in Christ. We should take inspiration from Saint Paul and do the same. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 11-08-18

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Fatherly Advice: Should I Be Worried?

A woman who is 12 weeks pregnant shares her anxiety over her pregnancy, and worry about what the future holds for her and her soon-to-be family. She wonders if this is normal, and if she should offer up her worrying to God. Father Dave tries to ease some of her worries by explaining that Jesus is here to help. (Original Air 08-24-17)

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Accommodation Vs. Isolation

Monday of the Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time. What does it mean to be accommodating? How does that differ from true isolation? Even of perhaps…yourself? Preached on Monday, November 16, 2015, St. Paul the Apostle Church, New York City.

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Mina Guli: 100 Marathons in 100 Days

Mina Guli, Global athlete and founder of Thirst, stops by the studio to discuss her challenge of running 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awareness of the world’s water crisis. She explains what we can all do to improve our current conditions. Original Air 11-01-18

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All Saints Marathon

Solemnity of All Saints. Father Dave shares that he enjoys the New York City marathon because people come together and cheer each other on. He relates this to the communion of saints, and how the saints cheer us on as we run the race towards heaven. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 11-01-18

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Catholic Comedian Judy McDonald on Humor in Difficult Times

Catholic comedian Judy McDonald stops by the studio with her service dog, Oprah, to discuss PTSD, comedy, and surviving breast cancer. She explains how her faith has influenced her comedy, and how the gift of humor has gotten her through difficult times. Original Air 10-25-18

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What Bartimaeus Can Teach Us

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Father Dave reflects on today’s reading from Mark’s Gospel in which Bartimaeus, who is blind, is healed. Father Dave encourages us to ask Jesus to help us to see clearly as well. We should ask Jesus to help us see the world the way God sees it, and open our eyes to the ways in which we can serve others. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 10-28-18

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Saints of Our Lives: Saints Benedict and Scholastica

Saints of Our Lives is Team Busted Halo acting out the lives of the saints in soap opera fashion for your educational and entertainment pleasure. In our first episode of Saints of Our Lives, we dramatize the lives of Brother and sister duo of Saints Benedict and Scholastica.

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God’s Handiwork

Monday of the Twenty-Ninth Week in Ordinary Time. Father Dave discusses today’s reading from Saint Paul’s letter to the Ephesians during which Paul explains that we are God’s handiwork. God created us, therefore he takes pride in us, just an artist takes pride in his or her work. Preached at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, New York City on 10-22-18

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Fatherly Advice: My Friend Left the Church Due to Scandal, Should I Support This?

A listener named Michelle calls into the show and shares that a good friend decided to leave the Catholic Church due to the clergy abuse scandals. Michelle understands her friend’s frustration but is upset to see her leave. Father Dave explains that there is nothing wrong with feeling upset that her friend left the Church, and we should be honest about how we feel, but not alienate anyone in the process. Original Air 10-23-18

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