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Why Isn’t the Eucharist Mentioned in the Creed?


A listener named Terry asks, “Why isn’t the Eucharist mentioned in the Creed?” She explains that her Catechism students were wondering why such an important part of our faith isn’t mentioned.

Father Dave explains that the creeds we recite are too old to have mentioned the Eucharist. “Let’s be clear that there are several creeds and therefore they were written at different times, but they’re all pretty ancient, so none of them is newer than 1500 years old,” he says. “It’s not looping in a lot of modern things. If you notice, there’s nothing about being pro-life in there either, and I’d say we’re pretty strong on that.”

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“Many of the things that we’re talking about are descriptions of Christ in the creed —  ‘the God from God, light from light, true God from true God consubstantial with the father, begotten not made.’ Those things were so hotly debated in those first couple of centuries and were so important that they got bumped up to the level of ‘we need to pray this at every Mass.’ We need to have every Catholic stand up and say these things every single Sunday and then you know what will happen. Those things will never go away. Those will be immutable things.” Original Air 9-25-19