Monday, September 16, 2019

Prayer Requests

  • Tia: In thanksgiving for her sister-in-law.
  • Ashley: For her friend dawn who lost her dad & niece. And for Vanessa and Leland who are separated.
  • Anne: For her friend Rebecca to get a job in social work.
  • Kathy: For her daughter’s friend Jordan to pass his neurology residency test
  • Stephanie: For her daughter Emily to choose the right school
  • Diane: For her brother Ray, who was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer
  • Mary: For safe travels for her and her family
  • Karen: For her dad, David who had heart surgery and has a blockage in his leg
  • Annette: For things to workout with her new job.
  • Kai: For her husband who is battling cancer
  • Linda: For healing from a pinched nerve in her back
  • Beth: For her sons, Ed and Adam, who are recovering addicts
  • Chris: For his sister-in-law who sprained her ankle today
  • Deborah: For her community who lost football player named Alex Miller who died on the field this week.
  • Melanie: For her niece Megan and her children. And her sons Blake and Brandon to be godly men.
  • Chris: For his sister-in-law who sprained her ankle today.
  • Christina: For a peaceful death for her friend’s father who is suffering with cancer, and for her friend’s brother Christian who is also dying of cancer.