Emilio Estevez and The Way

Emilio Estevez discusses his new film on The Busted Halo Show with Fr. Dave

When The Busted Halo Show with Father Dave broadcast a week of our Sirius XM radio show from Los Angeles, actor/director Emilio Estevez dropped by our studio to talk about his career and his new movie, The Way. Son of iconic Catholic actor Martin Sheen, and brother of actor Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez might best be remembered from his stand-out roles in the classic ’80s films The Outsiders, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Young Guns, or as Coach Gordon Bombay from The Mighty Ducks series. But since then, he has had quite an accomplished career behind the camera, directing films like Men at Work and the award-winning Bobby, about the life of Robert F. Kennedy.


Part 1

In part one of the interview, Estevez talks about the Oscars tribute to John Hughes, private life at his vineyard, and how the inspiration for his new film, The Way, came from his celebrity father and his own son, who had travelled the pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago in Europe together.



Part 2

In part two, he talks about the film Bobby and what he calls “the end of decency,” about working for a Paulist priest on a TV show when he was 17, his dad’s Catholic faith and his own spiritual journey, and how making this film has brought him closer to the community of the church.

Originally published April 7, 2010.