Watch: Voting Catholic

We’ve been hearing about this year’s presidential election for a long time. Emotions are running high on all sides, and as the election draws closer, we’re inundated with news and opinions. You may have tried to tune out the campaign because you aren’t happy with your choices, but it’s almost time to head to the polls. Voting is important. And there’s always a lot for voters to consider, and different issues are important to different people. However, the Catholic Church has never advocated its members to vote for a particular candidate, particular party, or vote solely on one issue. In fact, Catholics are never single-issue voters. As Catholics, our faith helps us sort out the many complicated issues we face during an election and leads us to an informed decision about which candidate to vote for.

Every election year, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops publishes a guide called “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship” — a teaching document on the political responsibilities of Catholics that offers insights on issues important to the Church. This video highlights the content of that guide.

As a people of faith, it’s important that we remember we have a moral obligation to uphold, founded in the teachings of Jesus and of the Church. Hopefully, this video and guide will help you make the best possible moral, faith-filled choice as you vote in this election. Watch it, share it, and vote.

Not sure how or where to vote this year? Visit for details on voting in your area.

And this fall, the Paulist Fathers released several resources to anchor those who seek to engage with the moral questions that have dominated this election cycle. These documents will help you as you consider your choices this November.

Originally published October 5, 2016.