5 Summer Flicks You Won’t Want to Miss

The summer movie season is upon us! Here’s a guide to help you sift through your options when you head to the theater.

#1 When you’re feeling adventurous: “Jurassic World”

The Jurassic Park franchise is back. A 90s hallmark, it brought with it action, adventure, and a whole generation of traumatized kids. Just kidding … kind of. This time the dream has been realized, and scientists have succeeded in creating a dinosaur theme park. When a career-on-fire Chris Pratt realizes that a genetically modified dinosaur has escaped its cage, hold on to your butts. Go for the excitement, special effects, and Chris Pratt. In theaters June 12.

#2 When you want to feel all the feels: “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

Last summer’s young adult romance, “The Fault in Our Stars” showed us that the love between two people is stronger than tragedy, even cancer. But this summer’s “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” aims to show that this love doesn’t have to necessarily be romantic. Forced to befriend Rachel, a girl from school who has leukemia, Greg Gaines and his “coworker” (Greg has trouble saying friend) Earl develop a connection that embodies the true meaning of love. While making a film dedicated to Rachel, Greg is forced to face his own vulnerability and understand just how important
friendship really is. Bonus: FNL’s Tami
Taylor(Connie Britton) plays Greg’s mom.
In theaters June 12.

#3 When you need animation to explain your emotions: “Inside Out”

Nobody can capture the fun and drama of life as a kid the way the folks at Pixar can, and this summer they’re at it again with “Inside Out.” Have you ever felt like you couldn’t decide what to do, like your emotions were fighting each other? Well, the way this movie explains it, we actually have little people inside our heads calling the shots, each personifying an emotion. But what happens if you’re an adolescent girl, have just moved, and your emotions get all mixed up? The quest to put everything back together is a tale of love, family, and growing up that everyone can relate to. Remember
your mixed-up middle school years?
This is like them, only with a magical,
animated Pixar touch. In theaters June 19.

#4 When you want to laugh: “Pitch Perfect 2”

The first “Pitch Perfect” movie was a surprise hit. With its quirky writing, awesome musical numbers, and hilarious and talented stars (I’m looking at you, Rebel Wilson), this ironic look at college life and the world of competitive a cappella charmed audiences and left them wanting to see more. In the sequel, directed by Elizabeth Banks, the girls are graduating and leading the Bellas, while paving the way for new blood to fill the ranks. This movie promises more laughs, catchy songs, and quotable lyrics to keep you singing long after the final bows. In theaters now.

#5 When you’re craving a good redemption story: “Ant-Man”

The long-awaited Avengers sequel came out earlier this year, but for many die-hard superhero fans, it just wasn’t enough Marvel for one summer. Luckily, we get another trip through its ever-growing universe with “Ant-Man.” The story of a thief given access to incredible power and the opportunity for redemption, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) must fight to save the planet as a teeny-tiny superhero. Who doesn’t love a story about second chances? In theaters July 17.

Now, go grab some friends and buttery popcorn and ring in another exciting season on the silver screen.