BARBARA — DAY 21: Grateful for Church Pilates

40 notes to 40 people in 40 days

My pilates mat and stretching band.
My pilates mat and stretching band.
Tonight I will go to my church for a pilates class and I will be grateful.

Grateful for a church where every summer we have a series of events focused on “sharing our stuff.” Are you a cultural anthropologist who has written a book about “the role of religious communities in the recent migration of Fuzhounese from southeast China to New York City”? You’re taking us on a walking tour of Chinatown. Are you a songwriter? Cake decorator? Then you show others how to write songs and decorate cakes too.

Are you training to become a pilates instructor and need to log “instruction hours” before getting your certification? You lead a weekly pilates class.

I’m grateful that Nancy, pilates instructor, at the end of that summer class several years ago, asked the class if we wanted to continue and people said, “Yes.” Nancy said yes too.

I’m grateful for the connection between my physical well-being and my spiritual well-being that going to pilates class at church provides. To me it’s a powerful extension of what’s at the heart of church ministry — to not only meet the spiritual needs of people but to make sure they are cared for holistically. Food to eat, water to drink, healing when sick, clothing when naked, shelter when homeless, companionship when alone, etc.

I’m grateful for a dedicated time to stretch, exercise, and breathe at the end of the day. I’ve written before about paying attention to my breath — and those moments when I’m able to stop, rest my mind from a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas, and focus on breathing. Those are good moments.

Thank you Nancy.