When Things Come To An End

It’s been an exhausting 16 months, to say the least. No one told me it would be this hard to go back to school. I actually thought it would be more party and fun and less heartache and headache. Many times I said I would quit. Thankfully, my closest friends and supporters rooted me along until just a week ago (phew!) I graduated.

It was in the New York Times Center where, with my mom, roommates, and my closest 90 friends graduating alongside me, I finished the marathon. It reminded me of that hilarious sign (see below) during the New York City Marathon that read, “No one made you do this.” That’s how I felt. That I finished something based purely on passion and a will to pursue a goal. No one made me do it.



Blame it on the holidays, or getting my social life back, but I am a strong believer that everything comes to an end when we’re ready for the next step to begin. Arianna Huffington had said that when we put our 10 percent in, G-d puts in the 90 percent. After so much hard work, I am surprisingly eager, excited and optimistic, to find out what G-d has in store for me next. I know that it’s not a perfect science. That many people put in hard work without a return on investment. However a small tick inside of me says that if we pursue our passion, that thing only we or I could be designed for, there is no other choice. Optimism, faith, drive doesn’t come from nowhere. It comes from knowing oneself or, at the least, knowing that we belong here to serve an underserved, untapped purpose.

The moral of my post is that if you know what it is that makes you tick, keep ticking. That alone deserves a lifetime achievement award. As I finally take off on my journey –feeling hopeful for what 2012 brings my way – I wish my friends who are now returning to school or changing careers the absolute best.  I’m so excited to watch you find yourself and put in the 10 percent. Remember, no one is making you do this. But do it anyway. It’s G-d’s work.