An Election Day Prayer and Reflection From Father Dave

What a year it has been! We have faced a global pandemic, heightened social unrest, and today, on Election Day, we face the culmination of a season of political tension in our country. With all of this weighing heavily on my heart, I’ve spent a great deal of time in prayer over the past few weeks. Most especially, I’ve prayed for unity — that the charity, love, and communion that is our Catholic Christian faith can truly permeate who we are as a people of peace. I hope you’ll share this prayer with me — that we may offer the best of ourselves to one another. 

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No matter today’s outcome, a large portion of our population will be upset. There will be great division to heal. We might want to throw up our hands and turn away from the responsibility of reconciling with one another, but we would be turning away from the important work of coming together as a community to work for the common good, to seek a future that is bright and full of hope. Jesus implores us to love our neighbor, and we will have that important work to do.

Please join me in prayer today. God be with us!