#415 How can we demonstrate how our faith impacts our behavior in the workplace without being too obvious?

Want to show how your faith impacts your life while at work but just don’t know how? Fr. Steve and interns Alexandra, Shaheen and Sean have some tips for our caller on how to go about showing how we can show what our faith does to us, without being a little too outright. Coming Attractions brings some words from a very famous prophet. Church Search heads down to Columbia, South Carolina to the St. Thomas More Catholic Church which serves the University of South Carolina and the surrounding community. And (drum roll) we need your help!

We want your assistance with the “Church Search” segment of the Busted Halo Cast! Call us at 917-591-8476 and record a shout-out for your parish or campus ministry. Here’s what you do:

– Tell us your first name and the parish you are calling from (be sure to say the full name of the parish and include the address)

– Mention why the parish is a good place for young adults

– End with the parish’s website and social media details

Thank you in advance!

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