#416 How can there be so many versions of the Bible?

Busted Halo Cast listeners, this is Fr. Steve’s last podcast! To console ourselves, we answer two questions on this episode — one about Fr. Steve’s dulcet tones and a question about the many different versions of Bible. What translation is your favorite? Coming Attractions from the Gospel of Matthew and (drum roll) our NEW Church Search: Listener Picks segment debuts with St. Augustine Catholic Church in Washington, D.C., Fr. Steve’s home parish!

Don’t forget to check out Fr. Steve’s Greatest Hits at We will miss your dulcet tones and spiritual inspiration on the podcast, Fr. Steve! Join us in praying for Fr. Steve’s new adventure at the campus ministry at Ohio State University, and share your best wishes for Fr. Steve in the comments section below.

Here are the details for our new Church Search: Listener Picks! segment. Call us at 917-591-8476 and record a shout-out for your parish or campus ministry. Here’s what you do:

– Tell us your first name and the parish you are calling from (be sure to say the full name of the parish and i    include the address)

– Mention why the parish is a good place for young adults

– End with the parish’s website and social media details

0:00 Intro

14:25 — Question

30:45 — Coming Attractions

33:48 — Church Search: Listener Picks