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Keeping Friendships Strong


Through Brett’s 10-Year Anniversary Show on Busted Halo, he was able to reconnect with the program’s former producer, Robyn Gould. He talks about how grateful he is to have had the chance to rekindle that friendship and says, “As you get older, something that I’ve learned — and I don’t think I’m alone — there’s a short list of best friends, and you have to make [a concerted effort] to hang out… You keep those people close–people that you trust — for their advice, for their perspective, to find out what’s going on in their lives and what they might need help with … You’ve got to dedicate the time to [those people], so it was great to spend some time with [Robyn].”

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Father Dave imparts a relevant life lesson that he’s learned: “When I went away to the novitiate, I was close to 30 years old. So, at the end of August [of that year], we had a big party in my mom’s backyard on Long Island — there were about 120 people … and I only got to spend about four minutes with each person — but when you move away, you realize, ‘Oh. If I’m only gonna be home for about five days, I’ve got to prioritize who I’m gonna reconnect with and spend time with.’ And that’s really one of the first times that I started to appreciate that there already were existing in my life different levels of relationship. … There already were people that I wanted to spend that quality time with and [talk to on a] deeper level.”

Brett elaborates: “The main part of this that I forgot to say that I think is really important is this: To not take that short list [of close friends] for granted because that same thing is happening to all of them. Just as you get older, you have less and less time that you can dedicate to certain things. And if you do have one or two or three people that you can turn to and have a really meaningful conversation with — you can never take that for granted. And with Facebook and all forms of social media, it [becomes easy] to have all different kinds of friends — but that core crew is to never be taken for granted. Who’s really got your ear? Who’s really talking to you?”

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After this discussion on friendship, Brett and Father Dave segue into a conversation about Pope Francis (13:00) and a recent news item wherein the pope requested that all cardinals keep him posted on when they are in Rome and where they are staying so that he can reach them. (Original Air 06-13-17)