Papal Madness Day 6: Holy Father Face-Off

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Wow. Yesterday’s matchups were not as exciting as the final four should have been, with both Stephen Colbert and Cardinal Dolan tearing through their opponents and thus advancing to the final round of Papal Madness. Does the blame lie with us not doing a better job of seeding this thing (which is actually a lot harder than it looks), or is it the anomaly of No. 4 seed Mark Wahlberg upsetting the Music region and thus not putting up a better showing against the Cardinal? We always figured (and dare we say hoped), that Colbert would advance to the last round, and he (and you the readers via voting) did not disappoint.

And now here we are: The Holy Father Face-Off…

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Today’s showdown is a dream come true for the modern Catholic, Christian, seeker, or pretty much anyone who’s interested in the intersection of faith and (pop) culture, as the Cardinal and Colbert meet up once again. In the one corner we have one of the more famous and vocal American Roman Catholic Cardinals of our time — His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan — whose popularity conceivably transcends the borders of the United States enough that it’s not completely crazy to speculate on the possibility that he becomes the actual next pope of the Catholic Church when the papal conclave convenes in a few days to elect a successor to Benedict XVI.

And in the other corner is Stephen Colbert: smart, funny, relevant, and perhaps the most positive example of a devout Catholic to be seen on television or in the media these days. He never comes across as “churchy,” nor is he snide, as he regularly discusses his faith, wears ashes on Ash Wednesday, or even pokes fun at the latest papal news.

So here we go. Which of these men have what it takes to assume the Chair of St. Peter and become the next pope as Busted Halo‘s®Papal Madness concludes?

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Today’s competitors:
The Holy Father Face-Off

01-colbertStephen Colbert: Not only the top seed of the Media/Politics Region, but of the entire Papal Madness tournament, Colbert enjoys the spotlight nearly as much as discussing his devout Catholic faith. He’s never been afraid to go head-to-head against fellow Papal Madness competitors Cardinal Dolan and Fr. Jim Martin, and there have already been several arguments made that he indeed should be made the next pope.

03-dolanHis Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan: In addition to appearing on the weekly Sirius XM program, Conversation with Cardinal Dolan alongside fellow Papal Madness competitor Fr. Dave Dwyer, Cardinal Dolan, one of the approximate 120 cardinals under the age of 80, is the only participant of Papal Madness who actually stands a chance of being elected pope when the papal conclave convenes following Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation on February 28.