#420 What’s the best way to respond to comments and questions about my faith?

Do your coworkers think it’s funny that you pray before meals or keep a prayer card in your cubicle? Have you ever been asked about the cross you wear around your neck? Fr. Dave, Barbara, and Sean have advice for responding to comments and questions about your expressions of faith. Coming Attractions from Philippians. Our NEW Church Search: Listener Picks comes from Holy Family Parish in Staten Island, New York. Call us with your podcast questions and “Church Search: Listener Picks” at 917-591-8476. You’ll get a prize! Don’t forget — it’s almost Fr. Dave’s birthday! He would love for you to make a gift to our “50 at 50” campaign to celebrate. Donate today! Thanks!

0:00 — Intro

7:18 — Question

22:14 — Coming Attractions

24:46 — Church Search: Listener Picks